Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dropbox- First impression

Every few years I have the privilege to be exposed to a new technology that makes me greatly admire the company that invented the product and advanced technology.

13 years ago, I was exposed to a new and anonymous site called Google, what shocked me in this site was the completely white screen with only one line in it. I assumed that behind this line is hiding something special in contradiction to relevant search sites at that time which were full of color and links (such as Yahoo, Alta Vista, Web crawler)

Why am I telling you this? Recently I met this site of a company called Dropbox   and after I have installed their software inside my computer I felt the same feeling I had back then with Google.

So what is Dropbox?
A free service that lets you store, modify and back up any file you want and be available to you from anywhere in the Internet world.
The first step on the way to happiness is to install their software on your computer, the installation installs a special library of Dropbox and through that library everything is running and managed-

Now all you put in the library or delete from the library will be synced automatically. Within the library itself you can manage files and directories as you like and everything will be saved and synced in the same hierarchy.

After you have installed the software and you have deployed your files and made ​​sure you got the sign of the V Green advises you cloud servers synchronization completed successfully, the next step is to see these files in other places than your own PC.

Now we will install the application on your mobile device - (Currently supported are: Android, iPhone, iPad and Blackberry). At the end of installation you can see the same files from your PC also inside your mobile device-

In a use case where at the moment you are not near your mobile device or your own PC, you can always connect to the website of Dropbox and see your files and use them from there-

In short - Dropbox gives us a good solution to the problem of files availability: no more backup or burning files to a disk, USB flash disk, portable hard drive. No need to send your own mailbox emails with backup files. There is no need to use FTP servers and there is no need to remember what you have backed up and what you didn't, when and where. All is in one place and available immediately easily and comfortably.

As you have seen Dropbox is very simple and available to anyone with basic knowledge of computers and the Internet. I'll be glad to receive any comments, questions and requests for details on specific features in the software.

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