Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dropbox- Move your files in few seconds [Guide]

Let's say your current Dropbox folder is over here-

and you want to move to c:\Dropbox

Then you should do  this-

Click on 'Advanced' tab
Click on 'Move' button
Choose new destination (Folder above the Dropbox folder)
Click 'OK' x 2

Finished in few seconds and Dropbox works like nothing has changed.

1. Before moving- make sure the current Dropbox folder is not in used
2. Make sure you are not moving to an already shared folder (security reasons)
3. After moving- Nothing. works like a magic

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dropbox- 4 options (and more) to restore your lost file(s)

Option 1- Dropbox Web UI --> Files tab --> Show deleted files --> Check the file(s)


Option 2- Dropbox Web UI -->  Files tab --> Show deleted files --> Click the file(s)

Option 3- Dropbox Web UI -->  Events tab --> Click the file

Option 4- Dropbox hidden cache

Dropbox new post-

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dropbox- How can you impact the next version

If you want to influence the next release of Dropbox, follow these simple steps:

1. Right-Click mouse on Dropbox icon and click on 'Help Center'-

2. On the opened web page choose Votebox link-


3. Over here you have 2 options:

Option 1- Search for an existing idea and when you find it, vote for that idea and by doing that increasing the chance for it to be inside the next official release-

Option b- Add your own new feature request to the list and hope someone inside Dropbox will like it (Voting for your idea can be helpful)-

Dropbox new post-

Dropbox- How to sync faster

Imagine a situation where you have Dropbox installed on your desktop and you drop some files into the Dropbox folder.
What happens next?
  1. Files are uploaded into the cloud (Dropbox servers)
  2. Dropbox server gets the file(s) and look for an existing match on its servers.
  3. If file is new (or modified) it sends sync request to the entire linked Dropbox clients
  4. The new (or modified) file(s) is downloaded to the linked clients
  5. Sync is complete
That's fine and works great.
But what if we can change the speed of sync process to be much faster?
Well, Enable LAN Sync can reduce the time of sync process- It actually does only steps 1,4 and 5, leaving the slower steps 2 and 3 behind.

How does it happened?
  • You must be inside a LAN environment with your other linked client.
  • You should enable this feature in your Dropbox client:
Right click mouse on your Dropbox icon and click on preferences
Check Enable LAN Sync

So you will ask a question- Why not to check this feature by default forever?
Well, it needs your firewall to allow a port for the Sync to be opened leave this port vulnerable.
Also it makes network noise on your LAN.

Following the last paragraph- Another scenarios to use it?
mmm it can sync your mobile faster in case your desktop and mobile are on the same LAN (Wireless/Wired router) and it can sync your desktop and Media Center with large GB movies.