Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Python from scratch has been deffered

I was in the middle of my struggle to solve the battleship case using Python I am learning these days.
I was good, I had a good lead and things were working quite well to me when I saw a message in HN community about a great site must see- www.42floors.com .
So I clicked the link and what I saw there is "Life Changing"
42floors is most of all the best UI and User Friendly site I have ever seen.
It is so easy to navigate, search and read information inside this site.
Also, the idea behind the site is so appealing to me, I was always thinking to myself "How do businesses find their space?" and how the opposite happens- "How do locations make themselves available to others?"

It took me few minutes to know that I must delay my Python from scratch study and try to understand how the hell this site is working.
So I posted Ask HN question and waited for the answers.

From the answers I realized that for me to be even closer to that level of site it may take years but in the other hand I can still go step by step and learn what seems to me now the future- Front-End programming (JS + CSS + HTML5)

You are probably laughing and saying- Dude, what's up with you? this is so old news.
Well, for me this is a big news.
Yeah yeah I know it looks like I was far away when all this revolution took place comparing to the time I was writing sites using FrontPage or Geocities.

Anyway, the day after I registered to code academy following one of the suggestion and I started their code year course which contains JS first, later CSS and last HTML5.
I am doing well and the course is so far very good to understand and I really feel like catching it, I even going into the Q&A pages helping others like me to solve their issues.

So for now this 'Python from Scratch' Blog series is temporary deferred.
I would start a new series of writing and will call it 'JavaScript from Scratch'
I would like to thank all the Python users who read and commented on my posts.
And if you find my new journey interesting- I ask you to follow me and drop a comment or two.

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