Monday, October 3, 2011

How to make money using

About a month ago I came across the site karmurl
The site asks you for feedback about other sites. In return you are provided with feedback about your site/page.
I saw this as an opportunity to get feedback about my Blog which I started posting about 2 months ago.

I wanted to find out the following:
  1. English is not my first language so I wanted to see how my English language skills rate and learn whether or not people are willing to read an article that is not perfectly written.
  2. What do people think of my ads positioning?

 So I have published to karmurl the main page of my Blog and asked these

  1. How is my English?
  2. Will HN community find my Blog interesting?
  3. Which other communities may find my Blog interesting?
  4. What do you think of my ads positioning?

 I got 18 comments within 1 week. The feedback is as follows:

  1. Many people thought my English was very good; some people said it was excellent;
  2. Most people knew of HN, some said it is not appropriate for HN; some people provided suggestions as to how to tailor my Blog for the HN community;
  3. The comments about my ads were wide-ranging. Some people didn't notice any ads since they have Adblock. Others liked my ads and their positioning (and suggested how to make them even better) and others yet didn't not like the ads at all
  4. some people provided unsolicited advice which i found very informative (i.e. changing the name of the Blog or its description).

As I was waited for feedback about my first post I developed another one and decided to solicit advice about it as well. I asked the following
1.       Do you like the title?
2.       Is the list helpful?
3.       Do you have any other comments/ suggestions?

I received 10 answers in 2 days. The comments were as follows:
1.       People did not like the title Hod Spot at all;
2.       Only 2 people liked my Blog. In fact, most people didn't know my site was a list of applications. Those who did know did not find it helpful;
3.       People complained about my English language skills and said I need to have someone proof-read my articles.

Action items:
Based upon the feedback and my own assessment of my Blog I decided to:
1.       change the look and feel of my new Blog  (compare it to the old Blog by clicking over here)
2.       Change the description of the Blog.
3.       Give my posts better titles (catchy, attractive, relevant)
4.       Use "niche marketing" tactics and write about topics where I have an advantage.
5.       Re-write and re-design my last Blog about the QA list.
6.       ask someone to proof-read my Blog before I post it;
                The above-listed are complete.

      7 - Change the ads design (after all, i would like to make some money off this!)
The above-listed is in process.

Last Action- I will ask Karmurl's users for feedback about each post. Also, I will ask Karmurl's readers for feedback after each re-design.

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