Thursday, September 8, 2011

Internet Explorer is not the Internet.

One day my mother in-law calls to my work and tells me that the internet stopped working and the computer displays a message that she doesn't understand. 
So like every time she was calling with problems, again we went through the process of understanding the problem, including an attempt to solve the problem by restart the computer. 
Since the matter did not work, she had to wait till I get to her house. When I asked her to show me why she thinks that the Internet does not work - she pressed on the 'e' of Microsoft Internet Explorer and the error message appeared.
Those who still did not understand my mother in law thought that if the 'e' of Microsoft does not work then there is no Internet.

What lesson can be learned from this story? Microsoft has some geniuses guys (or at least there used to) which integrated some misconceptions ideas such as my mother in-law sure that the – 'e' of Microsoft is in fact the Internet and if it is not working then there is no internet, all because Microsoft use the word Internet in their software.

What else can you learn from this story? Outside there is a very large community of people who do not even know what a browser is and did not hear of Firefox, nor Chrome not to mention Safari, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera and sorry if I forgot a name or two.

So what is a browser?
Generally, a program capable of surfing the Internet by typing URLs.
But if we look at it a little more than just a simple definition we will find out that it is a software which holds a huge fight going on between giants in the computer world also known as the War of the browsers.
Why? Why is everyone fighting over this program that all it does is go to sites?
A simple question with simpler answermoney and a lot.

 How to make money from a browser?
Let's start by saying that Google is best known for its search engine which makes money and a lot.
So we understand that Google has a very strong interest in traffic coming into its search engine. As long as people will use Microsoft's Explorer they will have the choice to use another search engine. Once they use the Google browser it will be easy to route them to Google's search engine.
In addition it will be easier to Google to adjust new features into its browser which may yield future profits.
Microsoft for the same reasons would like to continue to control the browser market and drive traffic to its search engine (Bing) and its new features.
But hey... how does Firefox that doesn't have a search engine makes money? By redirects users who typing some search words on it browser to the Google search engine and receives commissions for each click.
In fact this is another reason for Google to maintain its own browser - to cancel the coupon clipping of others like Firefox.

Okay, we learned that browsers want to be a center of traffic through them but is there anything else beyond that?
Well certainly there is - the general direction the computer world is going into is the cloud (Computer Cloud) which basically says that what we need from our personal computer already exist somewhere in the Internet world without having our personal computer. All images, documents, project management, file management, tasks management; everything including all will be accessible to us, especially through use of our browser. If you think about it, it means our browsers will know all about our lives and how we use the net hence their obvious need to control this market.

Returning to the story i told at the beginning – Microsoft is having pressure because they lose control of the browser market and more and more people become aware of other browsers, and as we just read controlling this market may be translated into a lot of money in the nearest future and even the distant one.

And now a short note to a little company named Google - if you want to rule the world of browsers you should create awareness among the ordinary consumer who does not know chrome (like my mother in law) and not only among the computers community members.

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